Betae Marketing Solution PLC acts in your best interest to buy and sell your property. Your investment is safe with us.

Residential & Commercial Sales

Our list of properties for sale in Addis helps you to choose what's best for you, our team and the long line of successful closed transactions will be used for your benefit in order to help you finding your apartment or Villa to buy. Our relation with our clients revolves around the client’s experience and satisfaction being the cornerstone of everything that we do. Our aim is to listen to your needs and requirements, respond & react proactively.

Residential & Commercial Leasing

Apartments, villas, offices or retail, we have a full selection of properties for rent across Addis. We have an extensive portfolio of properties for rent in Addis. We list the widest range of property types and styles. Our leasing experts will help you find the perfect home.

Investment consultancyy

Betae Marketing Solution also gives investment consulting to customers, successfully serves private customers in Ethiopia. Our leading experts have more than 10 years of experience in the market. We provide reliable financing for projects using the most realistic schemes and models for various sectors of the economy.

Mortgage Advice

Are you buying a house in Addis Ababa but find the process over whelming and complicated? Our goal is to get you the best possible mortgage options that fits your situation. With us on your side you don’t have to worry anymore.